Jack Roush began his automotive career as an engine development engineer for Ford Motor Company in 1964. He soon discovered a passion for drag racing and formed his own team in 1970 with partner Wayne Gapp. The duo went on to win multiple championships in AHRA, NHRA and IHRA Pro Stock drag racing over the next five years.

Combining engineering with entrepreneurship, Roush founded Roush Performance Engineering in 1976 and began selling designs he had created for his own team to the wider world of motorsport. His tenacious, solutions-based approach brought great demand for Roush engines and components for drag, oval-track and hill-climb racing, as well as offshore power boats.

Roush Performance — Cold Air Intake & Exhaust System

Made From High-Quality, Mandrel-Bent Stainless Steel To Ensure Consistent Flow And Durability High-Flow, Washable And Reusable Performance Air Filter Does Not Require Oiling Quicker Throttle Response And Signature Rumble Add A Sportier Driving Experience Adds 26 Horsepower And 34 Foot Pounds Torque Over Stock Exhaust System Increases Air Flow And Decreases Back Pressure With 3-Inch, 304 Stainless Steel Exhaust Tubing Designed Using OEM CAD Data To Guarantee Perfect Fitment Quick And Easy Installation Limited 3 Year Warranty Or Limited 36,000 Mile Warranty

Roush Performance — Supercharger Kit

Increased Durability With Bigger Bearings And Thicker Timing Gears Custom, All-Aluminum High Efficiency Intercooler And Low Temperature Radiator Along With High Capacity Degas Bottle Provides Substantial Cooling Technology Better Sealing With Optimized Length-Over-Depth Ratio Pressure Relief Ports In Bearing Plate For Reduced Input Power Features R2650 Rotating Assembly Along With Newly-Designed, High-Flowing Front Inlet And Outlet Ports That Greatly Enhance Thermal And Volumetric Efficiency Across The Entire RPM Range Produces 650 Horsepower And 610 Foot Per Pounds Heavy-Duty, First Sheave FEAD System Reduces Stress On The Engine High-Flow Induction System With Larger Throttle Body Provides Increased Air Flow 170 Degree Twist (Versus 160 On Previous 2300) Limited 90 Day Warranty