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Why America loves The Jeep (and Bonus Tips on Customizing Your Jeep Top)

Why America loves The Jeep (and Bonus Tips on Customizing Your Jeep Top)

Why America Loves The Jeep (and Bonus Tips on Customizing Your Jeep Top)

You’ll probably have a tough time finding anything more American than Jeep.  There are a number of features and reasons that distinguish the Jeep (particularly Jeep Wrangler, the trademark model) and make it one of the most timeless and distinctive automobiles ever.

Here are a few reasons why America is in love with the Jeep:

One of a Kind SUV

There are most SUVs and there is the Jeep Wrangler.  You can actually expect your Wrangler to perform the way an SUV is supposed to.

It can do any of the things that are shown in the commercial because there are no fragile underpinnings in here that may come off flying at the first jolt.  There are also no features too delicate that won’t be able to withstand a good off-road ride.

You can easily climb mountains, wade through rivers, tackle snow, and cruise sandy beaches, all the while managing to fit easily in tight downtown parking spots.  Jeeps were originally built for conquering trails.  You can clear all legit obstacles with the low- and high-range 4×4 systems.

Always Versatile

You can literally do anything with a Jeep.  It’s a pretty basic vehicle in the form of a metal box atop a jacked-up frame.  You can go door-less, topless, or any other way you want.  Owners can easily remove the top and not just put the top down in this real-life Lego vehicle.

You can also go completely old-school by pulling off the doors and lowering the front windshield.  This is a particularly striking look on the four-door Wrangler Unlimited models. If you want, you can remove the rear seats and make more room for your gear or have better rear visibility.

Be Part of an American Legacy

There are not many cars that can boast of tracing their lineage all the way back to World War II.  The 1940s saw the first prototype Jeeps which were mass-produced by Willys-Overland during the war.  The initial MB model was produced in the hundreds of thousands.

Meanwhile, civilian Jeeps came after the war and made great of the vehicle’s legendary name. This is why the term CJ is still associated with the two-door Jeeps.

The brand Jeep has changed hands multiple times over the years – owned by Italy’s Fiat right now.  However, the automobile never ceased being manufactured in America in the last 75 years.

Accessorize the Way You Want

Jeeps can be loaded with accessories or kept minimalistic.  The choice is yours.  Wranglers have a rudimentary character on purpose and have earned a name for being the world’s most accessorized and modified automobile.  Nearly every part in Jeeps can be customized, updated, fitted, or swapped out with better bits.  And, this means every part – from the roof all the way to the seats.

Personally, the best accessories and albeit the most important one is the awesome Jeep window stickers you can put up to show the world that you are truly a Wrangler enthusiast.

Make Experiences that Count

You are making a big mistake if you are buying a Jeep for creature comforts.  The fact that there are off-road versatility and simplicity in design also means that there are no traditional or contemporary bells and whistles, which you may find in other SUVs.

For instance, the trail-ready, upscale Rubicon model can have pretty bouncy highway dynamics if you buy it with the large, rock-crawling tires.  It can also get noisy and challenging at 65 mph speeds and above.

The past decade has seen multiple engine improvements in the Jeep, which means they have a higher-output now, with 3.6-liter engines and 285-horsepower to afford you more cruising confidence. But then you really cannot ignore the precarious nature of the short wheelbase in the two-door Wrangler.

Believe it or not, padded roll bars and fully carpeted interiors are recent additions on the Wranglers.  That said – you can still find high-end, fully tricked-out models if you are into that.

Do What You Want with Your Jeep’s Rooftop

Customization and Jeep Wrangler are like peas of the same pod.  As you work to make your Wrangler your own, the added touches of customization will only add authenticity to the vehicle.

The Jeep top is one of the most important aspects of customization for most owners, even though it may not look much.  The top should be customized to suit your adventures, comfort, and convenience.

Your Wrangler can come customized with any top you want – hardtop, classic soft top, and the very latest and fantastic Sky One-Touch Power Top.


Hardtops are the same as regular cabin roofs providing you and all other passengers solid protection.   It protects your Wrangler’s interiors from snow, rain, summer heat, city fumes, and winter cold. It does all this while reducing cabin noise.

Further, the hardtop is intentionally made more durable than soft tops and designed to last as long as the vehicle.   The most common cause of damage is improper storage after removing the hardtop.  Many experts suggest investing in a dedicated storage device to avoid this headache and heartache.

Hardtops are also functional as storage carriers.  You can enhance the cargo space in your Jeep by adding a rugged rack or an aluminum rack to transport kayaks, gear, luggage, and bicycles. However, like with all good things, there is a downside to owning a hardtop Wrangler.

It can get very hectic to remove it and requires a minimum of two people because of the overall weight in part and the fact that the top comes off as one whole piece (apart from the freedom panels of the front-cabin).  You need designated storage space for your hardtop to protect it from scratches, dent and other damages.

Also, hardtops and soft tops are very different since they cannot be stored and taken on-the-go.  You need to leave the hardtop behind when you go off whizzing on your adventures.  This means you are at the mercy of the elements and other road hazards.

If you get caught in a sudden rainstorm there can be significant damage to the interior, including electronics and upholstery.

Classic Soft Tops

These make for one of the most versatile choices, which include bikini tops, half-tops, or a combination of several soft tops.  There are plenty of configurations and combinations available, depending on what you are looking for on your adventures.

You can leave the side or back windows static or completely remove them.  The same can be done for the doors and windshield to provide an additional open-air touch.

Compared to One Touch Sky Power Top and hardtops, soft tops make for a relatively cheaper option.  Also, they make getting close to nature a breeze.  You can have the top down and adjusted within a matter of minutes.

There is definitely no better recommendation than this top if you are looking to ride with the wind in your hair.  However, the lack of durability is one downside of soft tops.

You need to keep this in mind while equipping your Wrangler with the soft top.  This is especially true if you are looking to drive in sunny weather.  Hardtops are engineered to perfection and made durable enough to last the life of a vehicle.

On the other hands, soft tops are nothing but a reinforced piece of fabric which is continuously at the mercy of the sun, wind, rain, and other elements.

Now, the affordability means that replacing your soft top won’t break the bank, but if you intend to be a long-term Jeeper, looking to customize and commit to your Wrangler, then you may want to give soft tops another thought.

In terms of difficulty in removal, soft tops rank in between the hardtop and the One Touch Sky Power Top.  There has been a significant improvement where soft tops are concerned. Jeep has installed a track-guiding system now which works to replace the tedious zippers.  This small change significantly cuts down on time and frustration.

Sky One-Touch Power Top

This is the crown jewel of all Wrangler tops.  The Sky One-Touch Power Top is half hardtop and half soft top, giving Jeepers the best of both worlds.  This is literally like a convertible top, which means you don’t have to wrestle the whole hardtop and its one big piece or the soft top with many puzzling tapes and parts.

As the name suggests, it only requires one touch to get the process started.  The track system is responsible for making the top slide back and stacks conveniently like an accordion above the rear windows (quarter).

You can even get the Sky One-Touch Power Top back in place with the touch of a button. It slides beautifully towards the windshield and latches in place creating a watertight seal.  The track system is equipped with awesome sensors that detect objects and fingers, making the top motion-pause until the path is clear.

The Sky One-Touch Power Top is unlike other traditional convertible tops.  Those cannot be activated when an automobile is in motion.  But, this top manages to slide back completely and comfortably even when the Jeep is doing 60 mph.

This is a recent introduction to the Wrangler lineup and is currently only available in the Rubicon and Sahara four-door trims.  Right now, Jeep has not said whether this “cream of the tops” is going to be offered on any other trims in the future.

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