Superchips Flashpaq F5

Redesigned Form Factor Upgraded User Interface With All New graphics High Speed Processor Vastly Improving user Experience Hardware Improvements For Updating And Programming time More Memory For Future Updates And expanded Coverage Up

Superchips is thrilled to announce the new Flashpaq F5 and Flashcal F5! The fifth generation, F5 platform is a complete redesign, from the ground up, of our industry-leading Flashpaq and Flashcal product lines. We took your suggestions and blended them with the latest and greatest technology available to design this all-new platform. The new F5 is slim, sleek, and jam-packed with new features and advancements. We started with a new 2.8 Inch, high resolution color screen, and a completely redesigned user interface to be more appealing and more intuitive than ever before. We didnt stop at just a facelift. We also went under the hood and improved processing power and added memory to allow faster updating and programming times as well as more room for future updates. This new platform is sure to be hit with your customers as Superchips continues to lead the way in hand held tuning. Superchips has been a leader for years in the handheld diesel and gas pickup truck market! The new Flashpaq F5 for truck brings all the crowd-favourite features into a whole new generation of products. Our new update software will deliver updates smoother and faster to enable users to enjoy their products without the hassle of long update times.