Du-Ha Storage Solutions

Brand: DU-HA
Du-Ha knows how annoying it can be to have tools and other objects floating around your truck in a disorganized manner. A disorganized truck can cause all kinds of issues including loss of time, stress, damage to your vehicle as well as potential harm to yourself.

Du Ha has devised a storage and organizational method that will work for Ford, Chevy/GMC, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan, and Honda trucks. This rear seat storage organizer from Du-Ha is ideal for sportsman, contractors, and outdoor enthusiasts. If you re a sportsman who loves to hunt or who likes carrying guns within the vehicle, this storage unit is ideal for you. They not only act as an organizer for disorganized debris, but may be used as a legal gun case (check your state/local laws).

The Du-Ha rear seat storage organizer is made out of high grade polymer, which is virtually indestructible and soft enough to prevent cargo damage. They are resistant to corrosion and will put up with harsh abuse without cracking or fading.

Molded to fit your exact vehicle
Constructed of a heavy-duty polyethylene material
Polyethylene material is virtually indestructible
Stores and organizes your loose items
May be used as a gun case (check your state/local laws)
Holds at least two shotguns or rifles
Easily mounts under or behind your seats
Available in 15 different colors
Lifetime limited warranty
Made in the USA – Fergus Falls, MN