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    Common Jeep Upgrades & Modifications-The Ultimate Off-Roading Experience

    If you love off-roading, you can do it in a truck or an SUV.  Or better yet, you can do it in a Jeep!

    Jeep is the one vehicle that makes driving in even the most inhospitable locations on the planet fun and exhilarating experience!

    We can help make any off-road experience exceptional with certain upgrades and modifications that can add to the functionality and performance of your Jeep.

    Equipping your Jeep with any or all of these suggested upgrades or mods will allow you to better enjoy your passion for off-road adventures!

    Modifications and Upgrades for Jeeps for going off-road

    There is a myriad of upgrades and modifications that you should consider.  These upgrades will ensure that your Jeep is properly equipped to handle all kinds of terrain while keeping your performance quotient intact.

    Our team of specialists at Texas Truck & Jeep Accessories have the experience and expertise to assist you with choosing what best suits your off-roading needs.  We offer an array of products to choose from and extraordinary customer service.

    To give you an idea of what kind of modifications and upgrades are necessary to make your Jeep off-road ready, consider the following list of the most common custom modifications and upgrades.

    Suspension Upgrades and a Lift Kit

    On normal city roads, a ground clearance of around 8.3 to 10 inches (standard factory measurement) is fine.

    However, if you’re going to be driving over rough terrain that’s marked with grooves and sharp ascents, you’ll definitely benefit from higher ground clearance.  Hence, the need to install suspension upgrades and a lift kit.

    With better lift, you’ll be able to better maneuver and control your Jeep while navigating through terrain obstacles without damaging the undercarriage.

    A better lift is also necessary to navigate trails with streams or shallow bodies of water, the last thing you want is to waterflood your Jeep and engine or to get stuck midstream!

    Differential Lockers

    Differential lockers help sync the spinning of corresponding wheels thereby boosting traction. Better traction is what will help your Jeep crawl or climb better.  You won’t have to worry about your wheels simply spinning in the air and not being able to move.

    While some of the most recent models are designed with differential lockers, most Jeeps do not have them.  If your Jeep is of the latter, then we highly recommend you choose a set from the many that we offer.


    Upgrade Your Tires

    This is one upgrade that hardly needs explanation.  Obviously bigger tires will give you better road grip – a critical necessity for rough driving on tough trails since it lowers the risk of getting stuck or skidding.

    While bigger tires are a notable upgrade to consider, it is also important to be prudent about your choice of tires.  You might want to spend some time first understanding the functional advantages of different tires and how they can be useful across different off-road trails.

    If you’re unsure about which type of tires you should choose, we can assist you in the right choice for your Jeep.

    Winches – A “Must-have Trouble Shooter” for Emergencies

    One of the most important additions you will need for your Jeep is a winch.  When we say it’s a “must-have” we’re saying it for good reason.

    A winch can help you out of tricky situations or make it possible for you to offer towing assistance to someone in need.  So never leave for an off-road adventure without installing a winch!

    Protecting the Underbelly of Your Jeep

    If rock climbing is something that you will be or want to try during your next off-road adventure, you will require rock sliders to protect the underbelly of your Jeep from damage due to protruding or sharp jagged rocks or undergrowth.

    Another advantage of having rock sliders is that they can serve as a recovery point for your winch if you flip over.  At the very least they can be used as a step to get into the Jeep!

    Upgraded Shocks

    Even on city roads, your shocks are stressed and can sustain damage.  The pressure is magnified on off-road trails that are laden with grooves and bumps.

    Upgrading your shock is one way to give your Jeep an added layer of protection against any kind of impact or shocks your jeep might sustain while driving over rough trails so you are free to enjoy your off-road adventure.

    Sturdier Bumpers

    Whether you are on an off-road adventure or just driving around in the city among heavy traffic, having sturdier bumpers over the standard front and rear bumpers that your Jeep initially came with, is something you should seriously consider.

    In addition to providing an extra layer of protection, sturdier bumpers do off greater aesthetic appeal.  Furthermore, they can serve as a tactical point for mounting a winch.

    Lighting Power for Nighttime Driving

    Adding lights that can help you see better while you’re on an off-road trail in addition to a safety feature can also give your anesthetics a visual bump.  You might want to consider aftermarket LED lights, which offer great output at half of the amps both at low and high beams when compared to standard factory LEDs.

    Performance Exhaust Systems

    Your Jeep’s muffler and exhaust system are critical it’s performance as well as to the environment.  Which is why you should consider upgrading your current exhaust system to a high-flow muffler, it will benefit the performance.

    Those who love riding the trails will also like the idea of changing the sound generated by the muffler and exhaust system.  However, you might want to first look up your state laws pertaining to exhaust noise while driving within city limits as well as on highways.

    Soft Tops

    A soft top is recommended if you love having the option of simply pulling the top down to let the breeze zip past while enjoying the scenery.  A soft top is optional and greatly depends on personal preference.

    Be selective in your choosing process since variety (both for shape, size, form or without a frame) is not a limitation.

    Grab Handles and Entry Guards

    You’ll always benefit from installing grab handles because of the duality of their functions – they help to give you a lift-up when getting in and out as well as a way for any passengers to secure themselves better as you drive along rough terrain or trails.  Entry guards offer protection to the door frames against damage from scratches and other marks.

    Hood Latches

    Hood latches offer security, in addition to the noise factor (rattling) hood latches will keep you from worrying about the hood simply popping open anytime you go flying over a bump or while climbing.

    Floor Mats/ Liners

    While you navigate your way through every day driving or being out on the trails, you are bound to have encounters with dirt and mud.  No matter what you use your Jeep for, floor mats or liners are a great addition to help keep your interior neat and tidy.

    These upgrades and modifications are some of the most common and necessary components for customizing your Jeep for off-roading.  There are plenty of other modifications that can help improve your rides such as hitch accessories, a variety of tech gadgets, and recovery gear.

    Upgrade Your Jeep with Professionals at Texas Truck and Jeep Accessories!

    We have been helping proud Truck and Jeep owners customize their vehicles with upgrades and modifications that are exceptionally well made, aesthetically appealing and highly functional for many years now.

    Know that when you come to Texas Truck and Jeep Accessories we will ensure that you find exactly what you’re looking for and that we offer an ideal balance between the best-in-class off-road modifications and upgrades while also giving importance to the style quotient.

    Our team of knowledgeable Truck and Jeep Specialists can provide you with expert guidance on what mods the best suit your Jeep model with respect to performance for both on-road and off-road.  We work with cost-effective, high-quality upgrades that deliver more bang for your buck while improving your overall driving experience.

    When looking for upgrades and modifications please call us at 469-698-4460 or visit us at Texas Truck and Jeep Accessories located at 5335 Horizon Rd. Rockwall, Tx 75032.  We’re here to help you with selecting and installing whatever it may be that you just can’t live without to enjoy that total Jeep Experience!

    Horizon Auto Center Offers Complete Professional Jeep Maintenance & Service

    We are your choice as a dealership alternative, as we do not employ the same mark up as dealerships.  Simply stated we are your One-Stop-Shop for Jeep upgrades, modifications, and general maintenance.  Do you presently have service concerns about your Jeep or truck?  If so, we can help.

    Horizon Auto Center prioritizes on customer satisfaction.  We’ve been awarded the title of being the “Best Auto Repair in Rockwall and Rowlett” for seven years in a row by Living Magazine.  We offer a 24 to a 36-month warranty on most repairs.  You may phone us at (469) 698-8585 or visit us online to schedule an appointment www.texastruckaccessories.com or www.horizonautocenter.com.


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