BakFlip G2 Folding Cover

BakFlip G2 Model Tonneau – Entire Bed Access! The BakFlip G2 gives you access to virtually all of your truck bed without removing the cover. It flips open to reveal 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, or all of your truck bed. All panels lock into place at any position, and protects your rear window when folded all the way up. The BakFlip works with all bed extenders, and you can unlatch the cover from both the driver s and passenger s side. Your BakFlip tonneau cover is backed by a 1-year warranty and bulit with pride in the USA.

BakFlip G2 Model Tonneau Features:

  • Absolute all season friendly – 100% resistant to rain snow and the elements.
  • Can withstand over 200 lbs of evenly distributed weight.
  • Individual panels lock so that you can drive with them open or closed.
  • Panels flip open in the same direction.
  • Panels flip open to reveal 100% of the bed if desired.
  • Can be removed within 60 seconds.
  • BakFlip G2 works with tie downs, bedcaps, bedliners, bedrails, lumber/ladder racks and bed extenders.
  • BakFlip G2 locks offering outstanding security. The texture of the product perfectly matches door handles, bumper trim, side view mirrors and bedcaps.
  • BakFlip G2 is UV protected and will not fade, crack, warp, rust or corrode.
  • Made from dual laminated ABS panels with honeycomb core of excellent tensile strength and rigidity.
  • Average cover weighs just 35 lbs.