Access Toolbox Edition Roll Up Cover

Access Toolbox Edition is specially designed to fit behind most 20 inch – 21 inch over-the-rail toolboxes. It is available for late model, full-size long and short box domestic trucks.

Access Toolbox Edition Feature include:
The Toolbox Edition Tonneau Cover quickly and easily rolls up to compactly fit behind toolbox. This allows for full bed usage.
A patented system that automatically locks when closing the roll-up cover.
Best of all, the smooth action of the pull cord gives you an easy release when opening.
Slide Lock: A simple sliding action is pushed to lock and pulled to unlock. This lock works in conjunction with a locked tailgate to give you ultimate security
Tight Bite Clamps: 8 sturdy aircraft grade aluminum clamps secure your rails to the side of your truck (most short boxes receive 6 clamps). Specially cut teeth maintain a superior grip giving these clamps exceptional strength.
A unique header bar has a dual purpose. It forms a tight seal between your tonneau cover and toolbox and offers flexibility during install ensuring a perfect fit.