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    Texas Truck Accessories is Rockwall’s premier truck outfitters. We strive to provide the best customer service and our highly trained technicians provide the highest quality of work. Our mission is to leave the customer with the confidence that the job was done right and that it was done by great people.

    Texas Truck Accessories was launched in 2009 by the owner of Horizon Auto Center, Ken Sterling. Since then we have grown to a remarkable proportion and we are continuing to grow to suit the needs of our customers. We have the tools to do any job start to finish including vehicle lifts, a tire mounting and balancing machine, a state of the art 4 wheel alignment machine, as well as the specialty tools required to perform lift kits on a range of trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps. 

    We want to be your go-to accessory guys, whether you just want a tool box and a bed cover, or if you want to completely customize your entire truck. We are located in the same building with Horizon Auto Center. 

    What are your hours of operation?
    Monday – Friday
    7:30am – 6:00pm
    8:00am – 1:00pm

    Do you install accessories?
    Yes, we can install any part that we sell and you can have the peace of mind that it is done right and we will be here to assist you if you should have any problems or required maintenance on that part in the future. 

    How long do you have to have my truck for a lift kit install?
    Typically the install process only takes one to two days depending on the size of the lift. However, we take the time to make sure it is done right the first time and we didn’t rush past any steps. The process goes as follows: installing the lift, aligning the truck, test driving the truck to let the suspension settle to its new parts, then we put it back on the alignment rack to perfect the angles one last time and double check every bolt is torque’d to spec.

    What bed cover is best for me?
    Frankly that depends on a few factors, most importantly; what are you looking to get out of a bed cover? And what do you use your truck for? If you are going a lot of hauling in the bed of your pickup or you sometimes pull a gooseneck trailer then we would suggest a folding cover, retractable, or vinyl roll up bed cover for the convenience of using your entire bed. If you are looking for security and something water tight, say you carry tools or marketing displays in your pickup; we would suggest an electric retractable cover or a tilt cover that locks down.

    Are bed covers water proof?
    The simple answer would be no, however, they are very water resistant. This biggest issue with keep water out isn’t even the cover itself. Almost every bed cover on the market uses a clamp on rail system to attach the cover to the bed itself, this rail also functions as a drip rail. Any water that makes it past the seals on the sides of the cover will leak into this drip rail and it will drain down through the drain tubes at the front of the bed. The area that created the biggest issue is the tailgate, water will inevitably leak through the seams on the sides of the tailgate. Since trucks have a rake from the factory, that water will run towards the front of the bed, soaking everything along the way.

    What are the benefits of a performance programmer/tuner?
    The main benefit of a tuner would be the ability to control every aspect of your factory tune and modify it to suit your specific needs. The programmers on the market now are so advanced you can change almost any setting on your truck that you wouldn’t normally be able to control without a tuner. You can adjust certain settings to accommodate for an aftermarket intake, exhaust, and even oversized tires so you odometer and speedometer will be accurate. Other than those changes you can also adjust settings to increase your fuel mileage or go the opposite direction and adjust for more horsepower. Another benefit would be the towing adjustment that will make your truck better suited for hauling and provide you a more comfortable ride at the same time.

    TX Truck Accessories sells nationally online and locally serving the DFW Metroplex, including East Texas, North Texas, Southern Oklahoma and Eastern Louisiana.
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    © 2018 Texas Truck Accessories