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    11 Useful Accessories to Enhance Your Jeep Interiors

    11 Useful Accessories to Enhance Your Jeep Interiors

    There is nothing better than enjoying the sun on your Jeep’s wheel while cruising along with the top-down.

    You love your Jeep down to every bolt and scratch, but that doesn’t mean a face-lift is out of the question.  Making the inside of your Jeep more functional and comfortable should be a priority for any Jeep owner.

    If you’re one of the Jeep owners who’s seeking interior upgrades rather than exterior mods, then this is the perfect guide for you.   We’ve combined a list of the 11 most useful accessories that every jeep enthusiast should invest in.

    Jeep rides are always enjoyable, and by adding any of these 11 interior accessories, you get to make it all the more worthwhile!

    Functional Jeep Accessories

    1. Food Enthusiast – Fridge or Freezer

    Coolers are cool and may work for a lot of people.  If you like cradling an ice-cold beer at the end of a long, hard, arduous trail drive, while you watch the sunset atop the mountains with a roaring fire blazing in front of you, then a fridge/freezer is what you need.

    And, it doesn’t just stop at drinks and beverages.  You can hold up to 63 quarts of foods in the Jeep Wrangler fridge and freezer.

    What we love –It comes with tie-downs that make installing and removing it from the back of your Wrangler a cinch.

    1. Easy Utility – Rugged Ridge Ultimate Grab Handles

    These grab handles are a must for Jeeps.  It can get very difficult for some people to get in and out Jeeps, especially when it is lifted.  In addition, the Rugged Ridge Ultimate Grab Handles make the process a whole lot easier.

    This is why we recommend everyone to install a pair (or two).  The handles have a high quality molded and sure-grip design with easy to hold ridged handles.

    What we love – Most handles require detailed installations that can be cumbersome.  The best part about these handles is that you can simply strap them on.   Also, the straps are adjustable to make sure you get the handles exactly where and how you want them.

    1. Sound Upgrade – Stealth Speaker Pod (Tailgate)

    It used to be a veritable challenge to upgrade the sound system in a Jeep without having to compromise on valuable real estate.

    However, thanks to innovation and creativity there are a number of options that can allow you to listen to your tunes with full speakers and amps, without having to give up that extra room.

    The tailgate stealth speaker pod is what we recommend for when you choose to crank up the volume when you hit the trails.  The design allows you to attach a 10-inch sub-woofer to your Wrangler’s tailgate, without compromising on any of its functionality.

    What we love –Woofers are notorious for adding that extra beat to songs.  You won’t have that problem with the stealth speaker pods.  They come with rubber padding that isolates the speakers and prevents vibration.  So, you get high-quality music whenever you want.

    1. Pet Rides – Safari Strap Pet Divider

    Safari Straps Pet Divider is a must if you are a pet enthusiast and like joyrides with your canine friends.  Not only do the straps look good, but they’re highly functional in keeping your pets in the back, keeping them secure and can avoid them causing you a distraction.

    What we love – Apart from the sheer awesome looks of the safari straps, we really love the fact that the nets are very durable, made from heavy-duty webbing.

    1. Match Your Style – Interior Trim Kit

    You can use an interior trim kit to instantly change the look of your Jeep and make it so much more stylish.  There are tons of different colors and hues to choose from.  Pick one that best matches your style.

    The trim kit comes with everything that you need to lend a completely new look to your interiors in a highly cost-effective way.

    What we love – Installation of the various trims is super easy.  All you need is self-adhesive 3M tape and you are good to go.   Plus, the fact that the trims are cost-effective allows you to change your beloved Wrangler’s looks as often you’d like to.

    1. Dead Pedal Foot Rest

    You know how painful and annoying it can get not to have a dedicated spot to rest your left leg if you drive an automatic Jeep.  The good news is that the Dead Pedal Foot Rest can take away your woes and leave you with a comfortable and snug spot to rest your foot.

    You need basic handy tools to install it, which won’t take more than 5 minutes tops.  You’ll wonder how you ever managed driving without it once you actually install it.

    What we love – The design is functional yet ergonomic.  It features a non-slip top that makes it all the more comfortable to rest your foot.  Plus, to make the pedal extra durable, there is a textured black coating as well.

    Storage Enhancing Jeep Accessories

    1. Weapons Enthusiast – Overhead Weapons Carrier

    Anyone who likes to take their Jeep out hunting has got to get this nifty overhead weapons carrier.  Don’t you wish you had that perfect spot in your Wrangler where you could store your guns, out of the way?  Well, this is what you need.

    This overhead gun carrier can easily connect to the roll bars.  It can hold two full guns for you and your hunting buddy (with or without the scopes attached).

    What we love – it has a special spot for you to attach the gun clips so that everything is held securely.  Just think about the extra space you can have to carry all your other gear.

    1. More Storage – Overhead Storage Console

    Typically, the space above visors isn’t really used for anything.  This is what the overhead storage console takes advantage of.  It doesn’t interfere with your top while allowing you to enjoy more storage space in your Jeep.  This overhead storage console is as rugged as they come and fully enclosed.

    What we love –It doesn’t require that your top be up or down.  It fits perfectly with every Jeep top, whether it’s soft tops or hardtops.  You don’t have to drill any holes or need any other tools to install it.  It’s really that simple.

    1. Kids Essentials – Backseat Organizer

    More storage is always appreciated, especially for those with kids.  The handy Jeep backseat organizer is a must if you feel that you could use more space in your wheels.

    It has two extra-large storage pockets and two dedicated bottle holders, which leaves you with a lot of extra room in the backseats.  It’s pretty easy to install (and remove) on the front seats.

    What we love – The bottom pocket is detachable and has room to house a lot of things, especially the smaller items that tend to get lost.   You can get a lot done with its easy grab and go convenience.

    1. Multiple Possibilities – Windows Storage Bag

    Most soft top Jeep owners tend to keep the top down because they have absolutely no idea what to do with the windows.  Otherwise, they always keep the top up and lose the purpose and functionality of investing in a soft top in the first place.

    You don’t have to worry about your windows anymore.  The Soft Top Windows Storage Bag allows you to stow away the windows in a safe and scratch-free bag that makes them accessible whenever you want them.

    If you’re tired of rolling out of your garage with the soft top up and not being able to change your mind and put it down because you really don’t want to damage your windows after shoving them in the back, then you just have to get this heaven-sent storage bag.  It keeps your windows cocooned safely and easily accessible, and tucked out of the way.

    What we love – You don’t have to compromise on storage space since the bag easily attaches to the roll bar in your Jeep, behind the back seats or the front ones.

    1. Pet Enthusiasts – Cargo Pet Cover

    Jeeps and dogs are an amazing combination.  The wind in your hair and your pup’s fur makes for a great weekend.  It’s as poetic as peanut butter and jelly.  Unfortunately, dogs tend to get their hair and scratches on almost all surfaces.

    You can avoid this by installing the cargo pet cover that takes care of your pets need and avoids any painful scratches.  You can use the cover with the rear seats up or down to give your playful pets the area they need.

    What we love – You won’t need to buy another pet divider once you have this because it includes a built-in curtain which prevents your pets from tumbling into the front seat area and lets you keep an eye on them.

    Key Aspects

    That was our list of 11 useful accessories that will enhance the interior of your Jeep and give you the added space and functionality.  However, don’t hold yourself back and limit to just these.  There are tons of other fantastic additions that can make your Wrangler’s interior more comfortable and your ride all the smoother.  Ken Sterling, owner of Horizon Auto Center and Texas Truck and Jeep Accessories is an avid Jeep enthusiast!  He welcomes call with questions or comments and can be reached at the number below.

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