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360 Truck Vault OD Truck/Extreme Ser

361 TruckVault Comercial- Surveyor

362 TruckVault Sports & OD Mag. Line

363 TruckVault Sports & Outdoors Std

364 Truxedo Deuce 2

365 Truxedo Edge

366 Truxedo LoPro

367 Truxedo LoPro QT (Invis-A-Rack)

368 Truxedo Truxport

369 UWS Black Series - Chest

370 UWS Black Series-Single Lid Box

371 UWS Blue Series- Single Lid Box

Truck Vault OD Truck/Extreme Ser

TruckVault has created the ultimate accessory for your longbed or shortbed pickup. The Magnum TruckVault provides two drawers that are over 60 inches long in most truck models, as well as additional s

TruckVault Comercial- Surveyor

TruckVault Sports & Outdoors Standard Line

Pickup Standard 2 Drawer

The two drawer standard height pickup TruckVault provides an exceptional amount of storage in the bed of y

TruckVault Sports & OD Mag. Line


Custom-made to fit your specific year, make, model and bed size
DEUCE stands for dual functionality- roll the cover up for full bed access, or fold the front panel back to acc

TruckVault Sports & Outdoors Std


Protect your payload in sleek style with the TruXedo Edge Tonneau Cover
Superior velcro fastening provides maximum sealing
Low-profile arched back design looks great

Truxedo Deuce 2


The TruXedo Lo Pro Tonneau Cover is custom-designed for a guaranteed fit to your truck bed
Installation takes about 20 mins using simple hand tools
Once installed, the qu

Truxedo Edge


Top your truck bed with both a tonneau and an overhead rack with the TruXedo Lo Pro QT Invis-A-Rack Bed Cover
This TruXedo Lo Pro QT is designed to work flawlessly with Dee Zee‚

Truxedo LoPro


Custom-made for your specific truck bed
Sleek durable black vinyl tarp protects your valuables
Seals smooth on the bed rails with a heavy-duty Velcro-like closure system<

Truxedo LoPro QT (Invis-A-Rack)

UWS Black Series - Chest Features
Structural Foam Injected Lid, Powder Coat finish, Independent Steel Lock & Latch, Heavy Duty Gas Cylinders, and Divided Tool Trays
This series had gained p

Truxedo Truxport

UWS Black Series - Single Lid Box The UWS Powder Coat Series has a beautiful ceramic-like, durable finish. This look gives a special statement to your vehicle and it has the same beautiful finish on t

UWS Black Series - Chest

UWS Blue Series-Single Lid Box: The Single Lid Series* from UWS is a lower-profile box with lids opening to a full 90 degrees; thus easily allowing it to be loaded with large and bulky items. Two supe

UWS Black Series-Single Lid Box

UWS Blue Series-Low Profile Box The SINGLE LID SERIES from UWS is a low profile box with a single piece lid that opens vertically to 90 degrees, not partially open like others. Result? Lots of access

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